Special Events

When there are special events in your family or outside you can totally rely on genesis. Genesis will help you in making good choices when it comes to special events transportation. We make sure that you have a wonderful time without the tension of how you would reach your destination and how you will come back.

Enjoy Your Evening

You can fully enjoy your time out and leave the rest on genesis. Yes, genesis is what you are looking for to have a happy and rocking event. Our chauffeur will always be ready for you and will drop you at your event place in time. You won�t miss even a single moment of your events. You can simply sit back and relax. You can have an awesome time an attend your events without worrying about you way back home. Our chauffeurs will pick you whenever you say and drop back safely and with responsibility.


Safety is what you are looking for when you are looking for when you are heading towards special grand events. You are all dressed up beautifully and want the time to go extraordinarily special. Genesis will always be here with complete safe and sound vehicles with great comfort and luxury to be your travelling partner.

Our services for Special Events include:

  • Weddings: We understand that wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. You specially want this day to pass by without any hitch. This is why genesis is always available for you with a wedding limousine.
  • Sporting Events: Whenever itâ��s a great sporting event you just dot need to worry about how to reach there. Genesis will assist you in all the areas and make sure you reach on time.
  • Proms: Proms nights are the special nights during your graduation days. As energetic as you are, you donâ��t want your night to be slow and boring. Genesis will make it interesting, fast and happy for you.
  • Night Out: Night out with friends or whoever you want will always be an amazing experience. You will have a comfortable and relaxing night out and a thrilling ride to make it even more fun-filled.
  • Private jets: When you want grand events genesis will help you reserve private jets with all the accessories and lavish arrangements for you.